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Dental decay in Pasadenal

 Pasadenal dental office
Pasadenal dental office

No one wants a cavity, but even when you are attentive to your home oral hygiene and come in for six month visits as our Pasadenal dental office, it’s possible that plaque and tartar can lead to the formation of a cavity. Fortunately, it is simple to treat and by adhering to a smart strategy, you can make sure that cavities are an infrequent result.

Dental decay is the cause of cavities, and that comes about due to plaque, the filmy substance that grows on and between teeth. It erodes your precious tooth enamel, and given enough time, small holes appear, and those are cavities. Most of the plaque that develops in your mouth is eliminated when you brush after meals and floss daily. But what remains hidden in gum pockets, for example, hardens into tartar, which is not removable with your normal oral hygiene routine. The most obvious symptom of a cavity is a toothache. You may also experience sensitivity to either hot or cold foods and drinks. You should come to our Pasadenal dental office as soon as possible, With a filling put in, your symptoms will be alleviated, and your tooth will continue to be strong. Besides, today’s small cavity can eventually turn into next month’s bigger one. The most effective way to prevent cavities is to brush after you eat, floss thoroughly every day, and schedule a dental exam and teeth cleaning with us two times per year. A teeth cleaning will eradicate all of the plaque and tartar that are left in your mouth. It’s like hitting the reset button when it comes to dental decay.

Our Pasadenal dental office is committed to your optimal dental well-being. We need your help, though. You have to contact us to book your appointment. And when you do, you’re taking a big step toward healthy, decay-free teeth in the short term and long term.

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