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Dental crowns and bridges are two common teeth restoration options. Depending on your situation, if you have a broken or missing tooth or gaps between your teeth, you may be able to benefit from a dental crown or a dental bridge. You should consult with an experienced Pasadena CA dentist to determine the best tooth restoration solution for you.

Dental crowns, also called caps. are placed over the tooth to restore the appearance and the functionality of your teeth. The typically are used following a root canal or another procedure when decay in a tooth has become too advanced for that part of the tooth has to be removed. Your Pasadena CA dentist could also use it to protect a tooth that has a loose filling or that is dislocated. In that case, the dentist would place the cap over the tooth. When the cap is placed over the tooth, it restores its structure. This enables the patient to use the tooth properly. Crowns also help to prevent a cracked tooth from worsening and are used to cover dental implants. The crown (cap) acts as the new tooth in the dental implant procedure. Aside from the tremendous functional benefits, crowns also have aesthetic benefits. In some cases, people use crowns solely for cosmetic purposes. Caps can also be used to cover a tooth that is stained to improve one’s smile. Bridges are used to join the new artificial tooth permanently to the adjacent teeth. It bridges the gap between the new artificial tooth and the teeth next to it. Closing the gaps, helps to prevent the adjacent teeth from shifting out of place. If you need teeth restoration and aren’t sure what would work best in your situation, you should consult with an expert dentist like our expert, James W. Tsai, DDS.

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